Our post selling technical service is our trademark.

Simpedil office team and technicians are available for any inquiry 7 days a week , directly by phone, e-mail , or web-chat through this website. Choose your favorite way to reach us!


Simpedil is actively collaborating with the most important shipping companies operating in different Countries to guarantee a complete service ,when required, of air, sea and road transportation of our goods; together with custom’s clearance and assistance to finalize export logistics.

We assist you from the moment of purchase confirmation until the final destination of your order anywhere in the world.


We provide all international certifications to guarantee any type of prerequisite document necessary to ship in different parts of the world.

Our office team organizes inspections in accordance with these documentation requirements, aimed to check and certify the eligibility of our products in conformity to the merchandise laws for each Country, and in conformity to the high quality standards guaranteed to our customers.

Prompt Delivery

Thanks to our ” in house” manufacturing production,we are able to serve our clients promptly, for most of our machine models and spare parts . We guarantee a delivery up to 48h in Italy and up to three days in Europe. Please contact us for more informations regarding prompt deliveries