Our Factory

Our new manufacturing facility is located inside the structure of Simpedil Company in Trezzo sull’Adda .It covers  an area of 2000 sq  meters where latest generation machinery  work incessantly creating a production chain 5.0  together with  our professional  workers team

In the past few years ,Simpedil worked at transforming the factory,acquiring the skills and making sure that  all components  be  manufactured and assembled in-house. This  has been a significant turn over , it allowed  us to be in control of the whole  production avoiding   risks of delay ,and improving significantly  the quality  of the final products and also, it enabled us to take on  new challenging projects and tailor made modifications to meet all our customer’s needs, and becoming year after year leaders among the top companies in our  field in terms of quality and post selling service which beats all competitors.

Our greatest pride comes from this achievement: all machines are entirely made in house ,100% made in Italy.

The production plan is structured  in a circular area. The work  chain starts from the vertical warehouse where all materials are stocked , down to the welding robot machine, and through different processing steps:  all pieces are moved safely by  overhead cranes from one station on to the next, ending with  the paint booth, the electrical working area  and  the testing and  final  preparation before preparing the machine for shipping   . Our motors are  also made in Italy,manifactured by a partner company .

All components and replacement parts are always available  in stock thanks to our spacious vertical warehouse. Pieces belonging to  old  models that are currently out of  production are also available in quantities . Timely customer service is our utmost priority.