The Spiral Machine CAL35 Evo is a complete version of Calendering Unit studied to calender rods (circles, spirals and centrings) with Ø from 10mm to 32mm (from 0,39 in to 1,26 in).
The spiral machine CAL35 can execute circles with practically boundless bending radius (bars for roof supports) and spirals with adjustable diameter from min. 28 cm to over 200 cm. Rollers are made in heat-treated alloy steel.
The standard machine is designed to work in vertical, as shown in the side picture, but – upon request and subject to estimation – it can be predispose to the horizontal development.
The double-speed motor (8 rpm and 16 rpm), selectable by the electrical panel of the spiral machine, makes it possible to work small diameters very quickly (choosing the maximum speed) and calender larger diameters in total safety (using the reduced speed).

The working top is constituted by three rollers, placed in triangular position, all of them in a special heat treated alloy. The two largest ones, named “towing rollers”, are provided with manifold inclined slots, with the function to catch the bar; the central roller, called “idle roller” and adaptable through the specific screw, has the role to determine the curving radius.
Depending on the requirements, the Spiral Machine CAL35 Evo can be prepared to work in horizontal or vertical position.

02 years warranty on all mechanical components.

Technical Specifications:
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Standard Equipment:

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  • A set of Allen keys, for ordinary maintenance;
  • A double electrical pedal, that allows to activate the towing rollers clockwise (yellow pedal) or counterclockwise (blue pedal);;
  • A set of wheels, for the machine handling;
  • An industrial plug, that guarantees the electrical connection;
  • Two mushroom button switches, to immediately stop the machine in case of emergency. They are positioned on two opposite sides of the machine.

Accessories & Spare Parts


  • In the design and construction of the mechanical rebar processing machines have been adopted criteria and arrangements suitable to satisfy the essential safety requisites foreseen by the Machines Directive 98/37/CEE
  • Each machine is available in two versions:
    – EU, with all the features necessary to comply with the current Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EU.
    – Non-EU.