Rebar Bending Machines Evolution


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Widely used in the building and constructing industries, Simpedil rebar benders machines allow to create any bend angle, with reversal and automatic return to the starting point. Our wide range of highly efficient Bending Machines models can work bars up to diameters 64 mm.

Our line Evo is a new series of bending machines for concrete reinforcing steel rods, the result of the latest building technologies applied to the experience achieved over the years.

The reduction gearbox is a monobloc in spheroidal cast iron, with the same resistance of iron, does not have any welding and this gives the product considerable strength and sealing. These models are standardly produced with a wide turning plate, that permits to obtain larger curving radii compared to the Standard version, and with long saddles, that allow to perform the “double bending”.

Our Technical Staff is available to satisfy any specific requirement.

02 year warranty on all mechanical components.

Technical Specifications:
MODELLO rpm1 motor bendingicon dim cm peso Kg olio Kg download Pdf
HP kW R= 65 Kg/mm2 R= 85 Kg/mm2
1 Ø 2 Ø 3 Ø 1 Ø 2 Ø 3 Ø
P34 Evo 1-ph 46 3 2,2 28 mm 1,10 in 20 mm 0,79 in 16 mm 0,63 in 26 mm 1,02 in 18 mm 0,71 in 14 mm 0,55 in 82x50x68 235 1,5 pdf
P34 Evo 3-ph 46 3 2,2 28 mm 1,10 in 20 mm 0,79 in 16 mm 0,63 in 26 mm 1,02 in 18 mm 0,71 in 14 mm 0,55 in 82x50x68 235 1,5 pdf
P38 Evo 3-ph 52 4 3 30 mm 1,18 in 22 mm 0,87 in 18 mm 0,71 in 28 mm 1,10 in 20 mm 0,79 in 16 mm 0,63 in 82x50x68 245 1,5 pdf
P44 Evo 3-ph 40 4 3 34 mm 1,34 in 28 mm 1,10 in 22 mm 0,87 in 32 mm 1,26 in 22 mm 0,87 in 18 mm 0,71 in 98x56x77 400 2 pdf
P54 Evo 3-ph 37 5,5 4 46 mm 1,81 in 32 mm 1,26 in 24 mm 0,94 in 40 mm 1,57 in 30 mm 1,18 in 22 mm 0,87 in 117x65x87 600 3 pdf
P56 Evo 3-ph 37 7,5 5,5 48 mm 1,89 in 34 mm 1,34 in 26 mm 1,02 in 42 mm 1,65 in 32 mm 1,26 in 24 mm 0,94 in 117x65x92 640 3 pdf
P74 Evo 3-ph 30 10 7,5 64 mm 2,52 in 44 mm 1,73 in 36 mm 1,42 in 54 mm 2,13 in 36 mm 1,42 in 30 mm 1,18 in 152x85x110 1280 8 pdf

Standard Equipment:


  • A checking block, indispensable to correctly direct the rod on the working top and loosen the effort exerted on the bar in the previous point to the bending point, thus avoiding possible deformations of the rod. Can be used with bars up to Ø 20mm;
  • A square pin, to be used with the checking block, to counteract and annul the effort exercised by the bending on the checking block;
  • A stirrup bending pin in special cemented and hardened steel, to be positioned on the turning plate for the production of stirrups, as it permits to obtain small curving radii. Can be used with bars up to Ø12mm;
  • Three bush holding pins in special hardened and cemented steel, to be positioned on the working top together with bushes, with the function to support the effort coming from the phase of bending;
  • A set of bushes, studied in detail for each rebar bending machines model. The width of the bush positioned on the central hole of the plate corresponds to the bending radius. To use bars from Ø15mm on, it’s important that the diameter of the bush is at least 3 times bigger compared to the diameter of the rod to be bent. Bushes are also used as a thickness for the bending bush holding pin, in case the alignment of the bar is ineffective. In this way, the rod is blocked, but the rotation of the bush on the pin allows the sliding of the bar during the bend, avoiding possible rubbings;
  • Two reversal pins, to be positioned on the circumference of the plate to determine the angle of bending;
  • A set of Allen keys, for ordinary maintenance;
  • An electrical pedal, to facilitate the work to the operator permitting him to keep his hands free and work from all sides of the machine;
  • A set of wheels, for the machine handling;
  • An industrial plug, that guarantees the electrical connection;
  • Two mushroom button switches, to immediately stop the machine in case of emergency. They are positioned on two opposite sides of the machine;
  • Standardly mounted on all Evo rebar bending machines, long saddles – with max. 10 holes – are indispensable to realize the double bending.

Accessories & Spare Parts


  • In the design and construction of the mechanical rebar processing machines have been adopted criteria and arrangements suitable to satisfy the essential safety requisites foreseen by the Machines Directive 98/37/CEE
  • Each machine is available in two versions:
    – EU, with all the features necessary to comply with the current Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EU.
    – Non-EU.