Rebar Roller Benches


To make our machines more productive wherever they are used, we offer the practical roller benches for deposit and movement of bars toward the working plans of Rebar Cutting Machine, Rebar Bending Machine, Stirrup Machine, Combined Machine and Spiral Machine.

The minimum demandable length is 2 meters, that can be extended with additional modules of 1 meter as for Customer’s demand, to be specified in phase of order. 

  • Made ​​of solid supporting structure, equipped with rollers and interchangeable modular basis to the specific requirements.
  • They can be totally dismantled, therefore they are easy to transport and stock.
  • To the basic bench can be joined one or more extensions, so that the user can achieve the desired lenght.
  • It can be requested with different dimensions, according to the Customer’s requirements, and this permits to place on it rebar with any length or diameter.
Basic Bench:

Length: 02 meters (A+B)
Height: D = 85 cm
Depth: E = 65 cm.

Additional module:

Length: 01 meter (C)
Height: D = 85 cm
Depth: E = 65 cm.